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e grayson



30 years is a long time...

The story first came to mind almost three decades ago. It started with just one character, just for fun. Then another. Then a civilization. As the world expanded, histories started to connect in weird and interesting ways.

30 years is a long time for an idea to swim around in the skull. It's time to write some of it down. 

Project: DreamLogic

Work In Progress

e grayson is currently working on the first book of an epic fantasy series that has been slowly expanding over the last three decades. 


Stay tuned for future updates and sneak peeks!

Image by Mathew Schwartz

"So, gentle reader, turn these pages carefully and keep your finger far from the text. For just as hail plays havoc with the fruits of spring, so a careless reader is a bane to books and writing."

Florentius of Valeranica

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